Financing Options

If you have equity in your home, a Home Improvement Loan may be your best overall option. The amount of your equity is simply what your home is worth, minus what you owe your bank.

Some benefits of a Home Improvement Loan include:

1.) 95% Loan To Value (LTV), which increases the available loan amount, as compared to 80% (LTV). 95% (LTV) provides 95% of your home’s equity, for your loan.

2.) 50% add back, which adds 50% of your swimming pool cost, back into your equity, which increases the available loan amount.

3.) Usually, 100% of your Home Improvement Loan is Tax Deductible.

4.) Low fixed rates, 15-year terms, with no prepayment penalty, and no closing costs.

We recommend consulting with your Credit Union first, as they tend to offer the best rates; however, they may lack flexibility and not provide all of the same benefits, as above.

A bank that does provide these benefits is First Community Bank. Our clients have had good results with:

First Community Bank

If you recently purchased your home, or otherwise have insufficient equity, you might qualify for a No Equity Required Loan.

No Equity Required Lenders:

Lyon Financial


Lending Club